In the year 2040, an international incident in the Persian Gulf, pulled from the headlines of tomorrow, appears to be the work of a known foe, or is it? Agent Matthew Storm and a team of counter espionage professionals find themselves in a race against time to learn the truth. From D.C. to the Middle East and low Earth orbit, a tangled web of lies develops before their eyes. Armed with the latest in spycraft, biotechnology and next generation weapons, will Storm and the team solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, U.S. armed and cyber forces across the globe find themselves on high alert as they learn an unforgiving lesson. Warfare has evolved beyond armies, vehicles, techno-terror attacks, and weapons of mass destruction. These guardians of air, sea, space, and cyberspace face a new breed of emboldened enemy whose attacks threaten millions via mere thought or virtual swipes of a hand. The traditional rules of warfare reek of obsolescence in this new realm of sentient combat.In the background, a communication and social corporate titan carelessly pulls the strings of humankind by wielding its power in a world careening towards chaos.